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Simply enter the URL you wish to shorten down in the blank above. This service will take it, shorten it, and provide you with a new URL to share with others.

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What is this?

TURL is a URL shortener. At this point in the life of the Internet, most people are used to seeing very small addresses for websites. People share these on Twitter, Facebook, and many other places.

Why use TURL?

TURL is simple and to the point. TURL does statistics tracking of how your link is used, allows previewing the URL the user will be redirected to, and other features. At the end of the day, however, it aims to simply take a user to where you want them to go.

It could be shorter.

TURL uses a .ca domain name for a few reasons. One, it is actually short. Two, it doesn't use a foreign country's domain to make a fancy or shorter name.

Proudly written and maintained by a Canadian for the last 5 years, TURL lets you let others know that .ca isn't a bad thing.

Helping TURL grow.

You can help TURL grow by sharing on your favourite social networking site or just by using it.

TURL has a total of 5,127,143 active shortened URLs.

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